Fall is here and the weather will be cooling off.  We will be pulling the sweatshirts and gloves out shortly.

Dogs will be feeling the changes too.  If you have a husky or a Newfoundland, they will probably welcome the cooler temps.  But if you have a greyhound, boxer, chihuahua or other dog that is sensitive to the cold, they will be feeling the chill.  They can benefit from coats that are designed for canine comfort.

Dogs with smooth coats, elderly pups with thinner fat layers and small dogs with high surface to mass ratios will be feeling the cold.  You can buy dog coats from Petco, Amazon or any number of other sources.  But will they fit?  Will they last?  Will they be comfortable for your fur kid?

I make CUSTOM dog coats.  Each one is made by me using your criteria.  I have a wide array of styles, colors and features to choose from.  Once you decide what combination is best for you and your dog, I use the measurements you provide of your dog (per my diagram that is in every listing) to make a coat that is comfortable, stylish and well made.

Take a look at my products and let me know how I can help you and your pup.